Thursday, 23 September 2010


Big Dog, hard at work in the SUPERSWEET office

Readers, compatriots, allies, fellow dogs, paramours...

After 3 devoted mad-cap years, this is my final entry for SUPERSWEET. Shucks, a tear is forming. BIG DOG, aka Sucksweet, aka Creative Director-cum-Editor Tiffany, is officially leaving (along with some other office oldies). It's the end of an era for staff, but also for SUPERSWEET Digital.

Huh? What? Yes! We have a NEW website! So a new era is dawning in the absence of old dust.

If you haven't noticed, we've just given birth to a new website, split down the Siamese center into two halves: a magazine we call ZOO and our new SUPERSWEET Shop! It was a long and painful labour for our chief ed, 'Little Dog Pekanan', but after blood, sweat and moon-howling, she and her enslaved web-programming cat pushed out a real beauty with only minor teething probs.

You guys can enjoy roaming around on all fours in our ZOO, reading the usual gumpf on art, music, fashion and culture like you always did (laughing at Grinderman or singing along to Best Coast). As for shopping with us - it's slick, stylish, quick, easy and ooooh sooo SUPERSWEET. There's also a Monkey Postman so you can keep in touch. We still welcome contributors, and by god we need them now that key doggy members of the SS board are going walkies.

Now I've finished plugging the new SS site, it's time for tributes. It's been a great 3 years. I've learnt a great deal and unlearned a lot too (like how to spell, think, walk on two feet and eat proper food like a human being). Yep, half my brain cells are dead from sugar overload, but hell, the super sweet rush was worth it. I've interviewed some ace bands (Franz Ferdinand, Thomas Truax, Animal Collective), hung out with some cool kids (Charlie Le Mindu, School of Seven Bells, Good Shoes, Pity Party) and sat second row at London Fashion Week to watch some pretty hot and bitchy shows. There's a million stories in my brain and I'd love to share them all, but simply can't! Maybe I could sneak them into SS ZOO somehow, but that's only if you want to hear back-alley gossip...

This has turned into a bit of a essay, and you've probably stopped reading by now so it's time to close up shop. I'll miss you all but I won't vanish completely. Big dog will always be on the periphery, prowling for SUPERSWEET treats and head pats. See? I've utterly lost my mind. Woof! Gone barking mad. Woof! So I'll close off with this quote from Jason Bourne:

"Look at what they make you give!!"

Signing off,
Big Dog.
x x x

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