Friday, 28 May 2010


SUPERSWEET got over-excited and weed our pants a teensy bit last week when we took over a small, albeit SEXY corner of Brighton's best-loved shop Beyond Retro. If you didn't know, it was during The Great Escape - which provided the perfect audience for our PROJECT: RECYCLE exhibition - where we exhibited our talented competition WINNERS! including super cool pieces by Blood Red Shoes! Their uber-cool works of fashion intrigued and entertained in-store gig-shoppers with crazy examples of how to recycle fashion and SUPERSWEET magazine back issues.

The most inventive, exciting and unique creations were Vicky Frazer's Jumpsing Soda Jumpsuit (far left), Ester Kneen's dramatic Ruffle Collar (next along) and Jenny Robert's collaged SUPERSWEET stilettos, plus hats and other shoes tossed in for good show.

Blood Red Shoes Laura Mary Carter and Steven Ansell produced a"She wants Revenge hat", (far right) "Stag-Tie"(left of hat) and a pair of "Oracular Peculiar" glasses (underneath the hat!), proving their creative flare transcends the musical cell. Thanks BRS!

If you didn't make it down for The Great Escape, Beyond Retro are putting on MORE gigs this bank holiday weekend with our exhibition running right up until the 11th hour of May, ALL Bank Holiday weekend. Be there or die.

Love SS

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Jessica Watson, you made it!!

We interviewed her. By "we", I mean Angus Liars did but for SUPERSWEET! And now she's a rockstar! Go Jess! I wonder if their paths crossed in the Atlantic or the Pacific...

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Homemade videos gone good

Normally I'm not big with fan videos, but I came across 'Undeclared' on YouTube. I'm really glad someone's made a video for it finally, the Dodos really should make this official!

And there's also a really cute version of Vampire Weekend's 'White Sky' that kind of reminds me of Plan B's 'No Good'

But best of all, what really made me cry and laugh out loud at the same time is this video. Officially Flaming Egg's first ever, yes, it's self-titled!

How silence could be so funny and so so cute I don't know!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Smurf and Idiot - our British 2012 Olympic Mascots

These guys seriously aren't our British Olympic Mascots, right?

Can anybody remember the name of the 2012 British Olympic Mascots? Was it Wendy and Mambot? Or Smurf and Idiot? We can't remember either. We're too distracted by the fact they resemble a couple of Japanese mobile phones. Frankly, they're ridiculous, irrelevant, overtly childish and PC in design (how boring). Only SUPERSWEET is allowed to be childish, and that's because we're not spearheading the British Olympics. Perhaps we should....

Only ONE of the many variations sports the British Flag. We mention this because the others look absolutely pointless without it, with nothing for adults to relate to. In the words of Stephen Bayley the prominent design critic:

What is it about these Games which seems to drive the organisers into the embrace of this kind of patronising, cretinous infantilism? Why can’t we have something that makes us sing with pride, instead of these appalling computerised Smurfs for the iPhone generation?"

On behalf of all the disgruntled UK citizens, SUPERSWEET wrote a complaints letter to IRIS, the design agency responsible. We didn't expect a response, let alone a lovingly detailed one like this:

Thank you for your email, we are very interested in everyone's point of view and its been great receiving all of the emails we have today, with the vast majority being hugely positive I have to add. We are immensely proud and attribute this feeling to the massive amount of support and emails praising the creativity and innovation of the mascots and the overwhelming response that most people are very much behind the two little fellas.

It is hard for me to know what you have seen and heard of the mascots but would suggest that you take a look at the below link, where you will see just such symbols of British pride that you mention. There are many variations of Wenlock and Mandeville to be launched at a later date but you can see a few variants in advance here...

When answering this brief we thought why have just one mascot when you can have millions and have created an extraordinary character that can morph to reflect many personalities. They are the most dynamic, exciting and cool mascots ever designed for an Olympic Games and I am pretty sure you will grow to think so to. There is a fantastic film that really brings to life the mascots and shows you the back story and how they came to be, which might help to change your perception of them...

In response to your quote from Stephen Bayley, you might want to hear what Grant Hunter, iris Creative Director for iris London said on Radio 5 live this morning, it response to just that quote, which I have attached.

These mascots have been created for a digital age, to reflect the modern, innovative and forward thinking world we live in and provide an icon that yes, children first and foremost but that adults would also gravitate towards. The time had come to move on from fluffy, animal characters, which I would expect to be far more of a ridicule for an adult then a slick, sophisticated and stylised mascot, such as Wenlock and Mandeville.

Hopefully some of the above has helped to change your mind, we have strived to create a mascot that everyone believes in and feels proud of.

Perhaps the Lion and the Unicorn could have been our mascots, since they are symbols of the United Kingdom. These could easily have been designed as both fun and sleek and RELEVANT to adults and children. [Was it so obvious that your designers overlooked this? And no, THEY wouldn't have been ridiculous]

The bodywork could have reflected digital progression, and many variations could have been produced, just as with Wendy and Smurfbot.

In the words of SUPERSWEET music ed Gemma Dempster, "They still look stupid."

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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

We need to get a job...

After office hours can be a drag. But anyhoo... who does Julian Gross from Liars better now?

Is it Julian himself?

Or Gemma Dempster?

You be the judge! I still can't stop laughing.

Ahem. Wikipedia, you did it again.

To Wiki-followers.

Do you remember that rather robust article our dear Asst. Ed wrote a few months ago? (gah, has it really been that long?)

Well I couldn't help but contribute to her huffing, swearing and puffing when I found this brilliant human touch left behind in reference to Warpaint. Not the band. The actual paint you slap on your face before war. Let's take a look shall we.

"Paint, to which one paints themselves for the purpose of war, and not believing there isn't an article for this already"

Oooh we love their fighting attitude!

Wikipedia. Hold out your right cheek for a good slap. We rule.

Monday, 10 May 2010

ATP by Matt Groening Tweetathon

So some of you might know, I went to the ATP last weekend and did hour by hour on-site tweets. It wasn't easy, I don't talk to myself all the time that much but it was pretty interesting to have to busy myself all the time so I had things to tell. If you missed it, we had two cool guest tweets and here's the highlights of my past weekend with pictures. Follow us (or me, basically) at @supersweet!

We're geeks and early at #ATP - 5:50 PM May 7th

Just bumped into liars, they thought I was my own double! Can't wait to see th tonight, it's been 3 years! This will be epic! - 5:52 PM May 7th

Wow! Projector work at broadcast @atpfestival is amazing! I'm in trance! - 6:18 PM May 7th

Our neighbours next door mean business! Next up: cold cave! - 7:36 PM May 7th

Are cold cave serious? This is literally what I'm seeing at the @atpfestival right now. Literally!! - 8:00 PM May 7th

It's iggy o'clock!! - 9:03 PM May 7th

Spotted a girl wearing Sretsis make my heart melt jeans, she looks amazing!!- 9:15 PM May 7th

Arghhoooooooo..... I wanna be your dog #atp cuz your light show is the brightest ever!! - 9:27 PM May 7th

I have two hours of napping before the fresh&onlys and liars! How un rock and roll of me. - 9:55 PM May 7th

Ok round two for friday @atpfestival Woah nice hair shonen knife girls!! - 12:44 AM May 8th

Love this girls dress a lot. Second row for liars @atpfestival now. I'm a geek but can't wait! - 2:14 AM May 8th

It's official: liars are best band in the world - I will die doing everything to get the rest of the world to agree with me. Manipulative! - 2:25 AM May 8th

But seriously, they were even better than the last time I saw them and I didn't think that was possible ever! - 2:35 AM May 8th

Right I've never had a monologue for this long with and to myself before. Let's do more updates tomorrow. Night night #ATP! - 2:42 AM May 8th 

Ok I'm up! Who's at @atpfestival and awake and wants to meet up text me now. Today is a hang day. But give an hour to wash my hair first! - 11:32 AM May 8th

Top is such a man today! - 1:46 PM May 8th

Breakfast #atp how glamorous! - 2:18 PM May 8th

Love the colour and frills of this girls coat! Next up: last songs of boredoms! - 2:42 PM May 8th

I think the next question to our next freebie should be how many instrument hitting tweeps you see at boredoms - 3:12 PM May 8th

I have so much respect for boredoms now! Another best band to play @atpfestival! it was so pretty looking at cymbols flipping up/down too! - 3:16 PM May 8th 

We want... But oh so expensive! - 4:53 PM May 8th

Coffee with the lovely Debbie from @CreateSpark. Now: deerhunter time! - 4:57 PM May 8th

Why aren't your feet cold? - 5:27 PM May 8th

Matt groening is drawing for you right now #ATP!! = 5:51 PM May 8th

Bumped into this girl. She has a gorgeous orange jumper that shr apparently got for almost nothing in Taunton!! - 6:41 PM May 8th

This is Julian from Liars. Konono no 1 just about made me cry, and the boredoms earlier really did make me cry. Absolutely amazing. Choltida such a bitch cause she Is making me cry right now, cause I am an old man and ugly. - 7:37 PM May 8th

Watching residents... Not sure if I'm enjoying it yet... - 8:23 PM May 8th

Apparently liars are making us a toothbrush! Sending pat the lovely intern to collect it from their chalet tonight!! - 9:08 PM May 8th

Look! Tiny bunny at @atpfestival!! - 10:32 PM May 8th

That blond guy who sticks fingers at thee oh sees shouting I've heard them all before can go fuck yourself. Who begs you to be here? - 10:32 PM May 8th 

Getting ready for xx, we are right in the front for once! Ooh... Groupies! - 11:16 PM May 8th

Watching xx with matt groening, woah!! - 12:34 AM May 9th

Amazing light show at xx #ATP! - 12:46 AM May 9th

Because we were staring at his arse so much, we actually got given this teddy bear. Who's got peter pan now hey? - 2:02 AM May 9th

So pandabear was a bit of a let down... I'm going to bed now... Zzzz... - 2:11 AM May 9th

Pot noodles for breakfast anyone? Well it's kind of lunch now. Last day @atpfestival, can't wait to see Daniel Johnston! - 12:19 PM May 9th

Interviewing our band of the month later today. Look out for another guest tweet! - 12:50 PM May 9th

Cinema time! - 1:23 PM May 9th

Toy story! He won't stop staring! - 1:52 PM May 9th

Daniel Johnston is about to make me cry right now ;( - 6:50 PM May 9th

Oh my god Daniel Johnston is doing the soundcheck by himself right now! A private show!! I think I'm star struck!!! - 7:13 PM May 9th

Guest tweet from sierra CocoRosie: hey we are here #ATP, we're looking forward to playing tonight, let's dance! - 7:21 PM May 9th

It's j spaceman performing ladies and gentlemen... Yo! - 8:13 PM May 9th

Let's try again. Were seriously super close now!! See? - 8:36 PM May 9th

Just danced with bianca and sierra from CocoRosie! - 9:38 PM May 9th

Can someone please teleport me from a to b? It's too cold to walk! - 10:30 PM May 9th

Raincoats talk too much I'm leaving! - 11:34 PM May 9th

Seriously, I like bands that talk and joke around but I'm not really here for a standup show... Gaagh! Really annoyed now! - 11:43 PM May 9th

These are the shiniest dms I've seen ever! - about 24 hours ago

My #ATP ends with frustration, don't know whose fault it is, joanna newsom playing too long and too quietly or raincoats talking too much? - about 24 hours ago

Let's hope our band of month nymphs close it nicely! I'm digging the chaos pads work at xx right now though! - about 24 hours ago

And may I add that they're doing 100 times better a job than george harrisons son's band the new #2. and he had four of them! - about 24 hours ago

I'm impressed! Am loving everything about the xx show right now! - about 24 hours ago

Aww... Last day @atpfestival has really done it for @pitterpatterpat. We're waiting for cocorosie... Eagerly, as you see! - about 23 hours ago

Come on coco, we're waiting #ATP! - about 23 hours ago

Alright! That was a high level of satisfaction!! Thank you CocoRosie you were amazing!! Well done @atpfestival! Nighty night!! - about 22 hours ago

End of ss #ATP tweet-reports. Can we call these tweetports?! - about 22 hours ago

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Goodbye Christian World. CocoRosie is My New Religion.


Checking out our BAND OF THE MONTH CocoRosie out two nights ago, gave me serious shivers and I still can't shake them off. The 500+ Union Chapel venue just felt too homely to appreciate the EPIC arrival of this kooky (yeah I said it, koookaay) band to British shores. I felt like there should be a circus parade of zoo creatures shuffling into the seats, pigeons flying into windows, bleeding hormonal chicken, at least something more than the possesed youngster gyrating next to the altar and stage. To the said dancer, Jesus is judging you and judging you hard.

But I couldn't help but Cheshire-cat grin to the swaying, the ever so Adams Family organ solo which I caught on film. This is what church service should be like: a dude beat-boxing in the background, fuzzy projector pictures, eccentric choral music, and costume born, nonchalant sisters retorting, in English I might add, "We don't understand English". Check out the tiniest snippet below and don't forget to read the full gig review coming up at