Saturday, 31 October 2009

Halloween Melancholy

I'm sitting here, waiting for stuff to upload and 80s Matchbox's song 'Puppy Dog Snails' popped into my head, so I've put it on. I'm not sure if it's a coincidence or not that it's a Halloween night. For a good several Halloweens in the past I could predictably be found at 80s gigs, watching their powdered ghouly faces beat the crap out of themselves.

It's been 5 years since the album The Royal Society came out and I'm only beginning to really appreciate how ingenious that album is, there isn't one song I don't love. I don't know how they could sing words like "What do we do with a puppy dog's tails?" or "I will get that piece of pie," and still sound like they're coming to chop your foot off.

Every now and again I fall in and out of love with these guys. It's because I love them too much so I just end up hating them (dropping out of our Launch Party and not telling me was a good example). But I see new bands that are clearly influenced by them and probably have seen them a hundred times; that makes me miss 80s Matchbox circa 2004 a lot. With their new album is coming out next year, I wonder if it will be just as good, but whatever it is, I can't wait for all that live madness once (or more) again!

Happy Halloween kids!

PS: That's the favourite live picture I've ever taken by the way!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Letter of the day...

Hi Guys,

I thought you related industry people would be a good source to ask. I am looking for a contact with Benicio del Toro to give him a script. Do you have any leads? My friend is raising 8M for a feature movie. They secured 10% and won the award for the best screenplay at last week’s Atlanta Film Festival. They are seriously going after major awards.

Here is an overview. You can share this overview with others. I have the screenplay for selective readers. I appreciate your help!



*details have been changed to protect identity.

SS: Yeah, mate... Let me speed dial my best friend Benny and get back to you. Or Benny if you read this before I manage to lift my heavy finger, you can get back to Babioshki yourself you lazy bastard!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


SUPERSWEET's Digital shop is selling their infamous Alex+Chloe Bat Necklaces again this October, the perfect fashion bite for an understated night of waxing and waning. We love their striking bat silhouettes in acrylic with silver and oxidised silver chains. From wing to wing it’s two inches and the chain links through each tip to give the nocturnal creature an even balance against your chest. No bats were harmed in the making of this accessory.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Fiona Flanagan

I wish I looked as cool as Fiona circa Hearts of Fire, surrounded by Bob Dylan, Ronnie Wood and Rupert Everett! And look at her clothes and big hair! Man!!

Friday, 23 October 2009


Medames e mesiuers - PROJECT RECYCLE is fit to launch. Read below for your need to know:

SUPERSWEET has an estimated 1,000 copies of back issues stored at our offices. We want you to turn those copies into works of art and fashion using up to 3 different issues, your imagination and only 2 other materials (not including glue or other bonding substances). Once completed, photograph your final pieces with 2 images that best represent your work and upload them onto the magazine through the registration form.

Readers will vote for the most imaginative works. A panel of judges, including sponsors of the competition, will vote for the best 5 in each category.

Winners will be exhibited in Beyond Retro for their excellent East End Lights series.

This will be a week-long period during February 2010, enjoying a highly publicised opening night to celebrate artistic ingenuity and a greener economy! Winning entries will be professionally photographed by prestigious collaborators Total Image Nation and showcased on SUPERSWEET’s digital art gallery throughout February 2010.

Batches of magazines will be sent out to London colleges and Universities. If your particular uni hasn't received a batch, then get in touch with us and ask for some!

BEYOND RETRO will be stocking heaps of magazines too, so you can pick up from their Cheshire street store as of next week (26th onwards). Just ask at the counter...

For full information, click here.

Good luck peeps!

SS x

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Newsletter: 21 October 2009


In an increasingly ostentatious show of droll glamour, alternative soul singer Paloma Faith donned Marilyn Monroe's wig and a pair of Queen Latifa faux breasts for her latest promo campaign. The pint-sized doll also employed a few cross-dressing circus acts to help propell her through a televised performance of New York in the run-up to Halloween. The show was due to air next Saturday for the big 31st, but had to be cancelled due to Paloma toppling over and squashing a hired drawf. The drawf was taken to hospital, but regained consciousness with a smile on his face. He won't be pressing charges, instead delighting in the taste of rubber still fresh in his mouth. Miss Faith is now reconsidering her UK tour costume, reportedly a Trojan Swan with fire-works shooting out its nostrils.

If you haven't guessed already, this was a joke. We adore Paloma but couldn't resist the Katie Price look-a-like pic.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

I Miss LA

As you can see, I really love LA, and I want to go back there now! Here's a few reasons why...

This is a nice stray cat called Heartbreak...

My best friends, M and Heisenflei, from my favourite new band the Pity Party.

Mr. Julian Gross and Peanut...

Checking out No Age at Eagle Rock Festival, the kids went mad!

This really cute dog, forgot the name but it's a she...

Beach... Sunset... Ahh....

Monday, 19 October 2009

Passion Pit Get Photographic!

Fancy yourself a bit snappy happy, a whirl with the trusty portable, even set your sights to be a music photographer?

This Winter, Passion Pit are cheekily getting paying gig goers to take pictures of the band, and those who prove their worth will receive an exclusive photo album of the winning pictures (selected by the band!) Just in case you don’t feel special enough, the band will be giving away especially made creative limited edition screen prints, oooh arty!

So click away at the sweaty electro-rockers, with your own camera or the freebie Passion Pit camera (available on tour) and upload your masterpieces to Maybe SS will enter...and win, will you take up the challenge?!

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

I just came back from watching Where the Wild Things Are by Spike Jonze. I don't remember liking anything this much in a really long time, my heart was racing with joy and excitement. It's got a really quirky take on the way of looking at things with the purest bits of your heart, not your eyes and brain. And does it have the best visuals anyone's seen in a really long time. Let's not forget also the really atmospheric soundtrack by Karen O (and the Kids) and Carter Burwell.

My personal favourite scene? When Max is riding the ship along the waves of his blue blanket, my heart breaks.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Johnny Foreigner: "Off With Their Heads!"

Calling all tea leaves, robbers, and lovers of a five finger discount! SS is at your mercy! Well, in all honesty, after hearing on the grapevine that ANOTHER band has had some of their musical equipment literally pinched from their clawing hands, I immediately wanted to join in the fruitful beheading. Happily passing Johnny Foreigner’s italicised frustrated message on to the thrifty gig-goer at their turbulent Leeds gig, I, with the band, challenge the unknown drunken soul, who got that ever bit to righteous and decided to take revenge on that chaotic night:

Hi, yesterday was the most YAY!!!/NO!! off our most YAY!!/NO!! tour yet. Parking tickets and powercuts and our guitars/amps/shoes falling apart, that was a point at the end of the show where I was floating around on my back in the top of the audience with a big dumb smile realising that all this is probably worth it. And then someone robbed my microphone and sort of tarnished the evening. I’m sick of whining musicians so I'll not dwell on us being another 100 quid down, but the sentimental value of that sm58 to the person who trustingly lent it to me isn't something we can replace by jacking up shirt prices or not eating for a couple of days. If you know our band, then you'll know which we'd sooner do, and the love in the room last night was proof to us that we're justified in skinting ourselves to do this band. I reckon some drunk kidlet took it in revenge for having to wait round while the venue fixed it's flux capacitor. well done, you really showed them. We're doing a free show in December, it'll probably be billed as an apology for last night but really we just love what we do, any excuse. If you bring us the severed head of the guy who robbed our mic, we'll give you our gin. We won't have much else to offer any more. Thx leeds, 99percent of you are wonderful xxx" Singer and guitarist Alexe.

Alex Turner Goes Solo...

Much to my better judgement, I really like Arctic Monkey’s third album; maybe after hearing ‘Crying Lighting’ possibly every time I get into the car, I can’t keep away from listening to their bitter hooks and morbid twangs, and so with full force, I readily curse the power of radio to brainwash these feelings into my mind.

Yet, while I come to grips with my enjoyment of their latest release, Humbug, what do I see pop up in my inbox, but a androgynous video of Alex Turner, in a karaoke performance pose for single 'Cornerstone' scarily looking like a pre-pubescent boy.

So I want you all to look into the peepers of crazy-eyes Turner, see the spine-chilling emptiness, and please explain to me how this fits this beautifully written song?!

Monday, 12 October 2009


SUPERSWEET has a Polyvore profile, don't be afraid, go check it out! Our SUPERSWEET fashion assistant Annagloria has been busy creating kaleidoscopic palettes out of SUPERSWEET's fashion stock. Here's the Queen of Hearts looking pimp in our latest Spijkers en Spijkers Square Box Stripe dress. Fancy looking like obscure Royalty? Then get your arse down to our digital shopping wonderland and wave your card about like a mad hatter...

Friday, 9 October 2009

Free Track: Adam Green

Adam Green, my favourite hero has returned with the new album not coming out till next year but it's called Minor Love. I personally am counting down the days, if not minutes!