Sunday, 29 November 2009

This is where I'll be this Thursday!

I want to win some (crap) prizes! See you there!

Some Pretty Circus Seal

After hours of enduring the pissing rain and gusty wind that almost froze my spinal bone, I stumbled upon this graffiti just off Carnaby Street.
A circus seal getting ready for the show, isn't it? Vanity, O Vanity! Thanks to the rain, this is the most fucked-up snapshot I could manage.

For those you haven't got it, this is a new work by BANKSY, an pseudo-anonymous, Bristol-born street artist. I did an article about him a while ago. I'm soon going back for a proper look at the seal.


Friday, 27 November 2009

Bus Rant!

If someone's dead near Old Street today, I have the evidence of this guy threatening to kill someone. It was scary as well as stupid. I missed all the best bits before I remembered to record this conversation.

I missed out the bits where he said he was Robert De Niro, and that he's oooh so scared of prison ooh ooh... and that he's a single army tonight. Oh man! I wish Dexter was sitting on the bus protecting us all from this chav!

Bus Rant by choltida

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Newsletter: 25 November 2009

BLOOD RED SHOES: Who (and where) are ya?

At the CroBar CroBar, CroBar...

Blood Red Shoes are back and looking shit-hot, readily giving away freebie single 'Colours Fade' (available from, and even putting on a intimate show last night at The Cro Bar. Sounds all rather too good to be true right?

Firstly, what a sausage-fest Cro Bar was, if it wasn't the odd penis in your back, then it was someones neat Jack Daniels dribbling down your shoulder at the tiny bloody tiny venue. But of course, it's a great sign for Blood Red Shoes to easily fill a venue after their much deserved break, and what a way to return. Their new songs still are too fresh to really get a much-loved feel for them, but the memorable 'Light Up' and Placebo-esque, 'Colours Fade' were thick with dirty angered electric guitar from red-lipped lady Laura-Mary Carter and shuddering percussional whacks by the guiltless Steven Ansell, and just from those tracks I seriously can't wait to hear the record.

Nevertheless, it was an interesting show, from the loud bellows of "TURN UP THE VOCALS" to my own desperate shouts "Where are you? I can't see you?", and BRS kept the conversation going with cheeky requests for some whisky to the audience, and from a silent crowd response Laura aptly declared "Who Are You?" to the wishful thinker.And after many tri-hard jumping attempts, I did managed to glimpse Steven's blonde curls and Laura's newly dyed hair through the a pyramid of sweaty armpits, just to make sure I was in fact watching the right band.

So the tour junkies are back and what sounds like a much heavy record. So pull out the earplugs and get ready to destroy your remaining strips of ear-drum for Blood Red Shoes' thrashing t-shirt tearing return.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Formly known as seducers of the cosmic variety, Starfuckers they have transformed (as of two month ago) to a less arrogant spell-check inducing title Pyramiddd. So at Camden's Flowerpot venue, after delays all round, (thank you "medical emergency" on Northern line), I bopped to the US wonders on their first ever tour in the UK.

A lot like Daft Punk on steroids, the lazer popping, sweat band wearing act were just so darn athletic, all I wanted to do was strip, don my trusty sports-bra and spandex leggings combo and start a workout there an' then (ugh, if only I didn't have that little remaining self-respect left). But Pyramiddd really have some serious moves to get in shape to, so I got my tinkering brain to work and compiled wicked workout inspired by Pyramiddd's energetic show. NOW, GET YOUR SWEAT ON!

"The Schizophrenic" (WARM UP):
Find your inner calm....then listen to the voices in your you are ready!

"The Keyboard Thrust"
Get those digits in keyboard playing form, stick your arms out moving up and down, then in a repressed sexual motion, move your pelvis in and out at the same time. Repeat 8x

"The Assaulting Air Guitar"
Hold your imaginary guitar, now swing left to right like you've never swung before! But remember not to go all the way round, that's just showing off...Repeat 10x

"The Distorted Yelp"
For those who don't have a voice-altering microphone, smack both hands over your mouth and scream, shout or sing. The result? To sound like a kitty being thrown at the electronic fan.Yes please. Repeat 6x

"The Pouncing Power-Walk"
Not just running on the spot, your arms have a to flail about out-of-time with your legs in a power-walking pose, then, if you are feeling super ballsy, pounce on fellows in the street and stare them out until they join in too!

"The Cyndi Lauper" (WARM DOWN)
Breathe, Stretch your ears, point your left arm to the sky, and shriek "Girls Just Want To Have Fun". Then sway side to side, left foot touching right, and then vice versa. Warning: You will experience a teenage flashback in the process...

Now go get physical and check out their last remaining gigs!

25th Nov 2009 - Dingwalls w/Filthy Dukes
26th Nov 2009 - Notting Hill Arts Club

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Do Good Shoes have No Hope...No Future?

THE UNOFFICIAL REVIEW: Good Shoes, No Hope, No Future.

It’s always a strange and wonderful experience watching SUPERSWEET’s much loved bands "mature", grow facial hair and in the case of Good Shoes’ Rhys Jones drop some weighty bullocks and develop a deepened vocal charm that old and new fans cannot refuse. We love Good Shoes that much we even have a mention in their album cover credits for the ominously titled new album, No Hope, No Future, so in return couldn’t wait to give our unofficial review of the album, Why? (All together now) Because that’s ‘The Way My Heart Beats’!

With one swift bite, Good Shoes have gobbled up their past Think Before You Speak success, and given a hearty well-needed vomit to bring about the sobering promise of their new album, and its blooming marvelous. Each track convulses in ways you simply can’t expect, from the metronome tickling track ‘I Know’, pushing all minor keys as thunderous as an intensely melodic tornado, to the despairing ‘Everything You Do’ transforming Rhys' voice into a bluesy serenading conjurer of wise words.

Now, before you make a mess tearing your ears off your head wondering if the Good Shoes sound has disappeared, have no fear, the four-piece still keep intact their “music to dance to” legacy, but coated with unbelievable skill. ‘Do You Remember’, ‘Times Change’ and ‘1000 Miles An Hour’ maintain the catchy guitar and vocal appeal Good Shoes fans’ desire, but overhauled with resonating layers and quirks to keep you salivating throughout.

Wonderfully warped with skillful maturity, Good Shoes Oh-My-God outdo themselves with the following killer tracks, from the electronic guitar frenzied solos in ‘Our Loving Mother in A Pink Diamond' to the ironic and promiscuous lyrical drips in ‘Under Control’. Much like the horny beast in ‘Under Control’, “always hungry/and never satisfied”, SS will always keep lusting for the wising of the Morden haters, even if they all grow up without us...

No Hope, No Future will (finger-crossed) be released January 18th next year.

The Way My Heart Beats
Everything You Do
I Know
Under Control
Do You Remember
Our Loving Mother In A Pink Diamond
Times Change
1000 Miles An Hour
Then She Walks Away
City By The Sea

Monday, 23 November 2009

Terrible Photography

Am I really a bad photographer? Today I uncovered an old CD I did with Meric and Logan from the Dodos. There are so many gross/silly/stoopid pictures that can never be released anywhere or their nice career will be destroyed.

Let me ease you in, this is the nicest and most innocent one I have of our last shoot in July.
Pressing rewind to the first time we met 2 years ago, without saying more than a simple "hello, how are you?". They gave me this...
And one of the first pictures when I really didn't know how to take pictures... Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Presets!This one I didn't take the pictures, Krittiya did. But I was up all night preparing costumes and props... Styling is my area of expertise, I'd like to think...Oh Liars... Is this your dark side that I bring out or is it my twisted personality projected onto you??

I do love my job though, no matter what!

Friday, 20 November 2009

The Lady in Very Bright Colours

Guess what, I am not talking about SS Editor-in-Chief.

'Tis she "JULIE VERHOEVEN" .. the one on the right!
On the left is Angelique from MU where Julie's latest exhibition "Man Enough to Be a Woman" is housed. She rivals Julie in her loveliness :-D

Back to Julie, she is an artist, fashion designer and icon. She draws, paints, makes this world a much brighter and lovelier place! Julie had her own label Gibo, which had much enticed SS Editor-in-Chief, but sadly, it was closed down.

Enough said, I feel you must have come across Julie's works, if not from LV, Mulberry, Versace, Galliano, from the "Interview" SUPERSWEET published a week or so ago.

So, why am I babbling about her now? Well, I am just back from her book launch (why are people so keen on book-launching this week?). The book, titled "A Bit of Rough", is a compilation of Julie's illustrations currently exhibited at MU. For you who haven't been there, having the book in your hands is kinda great in a sort of way that speeds up the process of you booking a cheap flight to the Netherlands! Here's a sample.
"Like A Player" Courtesy of MU/ZINGERpresents

There's a bit of a twist at the book launch, of course. By that, I don't just mean free booze but Julie's limited edition "A Bit of Rough" and the complementary short film.
The books are as colourful as the rainbow. Some are playful and quirky; others dark and raw. My shitty phone camera hasn't done them justice at all. They're reasonably priced-not like them Prada ones-considering that there are only 40 of them available!

I left quite early - I had an engagement elsewhere- and I noticed a few copies had flown off the shelves. If you want one, ring up (or visit) Donlon Books 210 / Shop 3, near Bethnal Green Tube, for more info. If they're sold out, I'm happy to auction my copies off at a very, very nastily high price :-P

PS: A copy of the Prada Book landed on my door this morning, complimentary of Sandrine. So, I'm taking my previous bitching back.

Newsletter: 18 November 2009

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Fondazione Prada Book Launch

Last night I was at Bond Street's Prada for the "Fondazione Prada" book launch.

The boutique was transformed into a rather funky space with hundreds of book sleeves on the shelves, mannequins in the exclusive S/S 10 resort collection, green neon lights and loud music. It was packed with fashion designers in the likes of Mr Chris Kane and Mr Aggugini, artists, celebs, socialites and media peeps, eye candy servers, and surprisingly friendly bouncers! I didn't spot anybody worth bragging about - just one actor I admire who turns out to be more camp than I. Isn't that great? Bah!

Well, well. I was there for the Book.
Very briefly, Fondazione Prada is a collaborative project between Muccia Prada, Patrizio Bertelli and Germano Celant with its focus on the trio's shared interest in fashion, design, art and architecture. And, this book, a.k.a. the "Bible" for Prada fanatics, "retraces and represents the multivalent aspects of Prada" from 1995 till present time.

Yes, the book is very thick, gilded with tons of images. I was really excited that I would get to peep at, sniff, caress it at last.
I (and Mr D) spent the rest of the evening chasing trays of canapes - pan-fried foie gras, juicily grilled steak, roast lamb with mushroom jus, seared scallop with risotto nero, etc. The food was LUSH!!! The drinks were alright - mid-range champagne, cocktail and non-alcoholic pear juice. The last one was especially for an alcohol light-weight like me.

Not drinking much was actually a smart idea because half-way through the night the queue for the loo - there was only one unisex loo to share - became much longer than the queue to get into the boutique.

And, the look on pretentious people's faces when they're on the verge of pee-bursting is just ... priceless! LOL

As for the book, I managed to grab my lovely Sandrine, the Bond Street store manager, and using my being a decade-long loyal customer trick, started pleading for a free book. Sadly, the trick didn't work this time. Sandrine says these books only come in very limited edition and are priced at £90 each. What a mercenary bitch!

... Muccia Prada, I mean, not Sandrine :(

On the way out, a thought came swiftly into my head. Maybe I should just break into this glass boudoir and steal the book from these two discerning ladies.
Yet, looking at the beefy bouncers, I'd rather NOT.

Welcome Home Babioshka!

I know, we've been talking about JUST ANIMALS this whole week and it's turning into a pet blog. But I promise it will be the last one. I can't not talk about this because look who's back!

It's Babioshka, aka Missy, aka Michael! Yes, she's returned to the SS HQ for a two week loan.

After 2 completely sleepless nights and onto my 3rd. I got seriously depressed last night from not sleeping. Wondering how Michael was doing, I called her up. The owner said I could visit. But after asking if I could just sleep there over the night because it was a long trip from Islington to Chelsea, she said take the cat. So here she is. Back in my loving arms!

If you ask me, I think Babioshka belongs here. She's a musical cat. In the day, you'll find her posing with the best Liars tee ever made. Then comes the night, she'll be watching a Sigur Ros DVD. What a total groupie!

We love you Babio :)

Friday, 13 November 2009

Miniature Beings

Having just returned to the office after a soggy unfulfiing lunch break, I was met by a wide-eyed Chol keen for me to see her miniature horsey, Eeyore. Sadly the meeting was in the form of a picture, but in hindsight this was probably best for the cute brute, who to me, conjured up images of barbeques and sesame baps!

So with a belly half full and a curiosity for these crumb sized critters I decided to compile a mouth watering “Pygmy Pet CanapĂ© collection!”

Micro pigs have enjoyed media attention of late, with Posh Beckham rumoured to bought her hubby a couple for Christmas.

These smiley, succulent swine retail for exorbitant amounts, going for the best part of a grand, but then fine dining has always been an extravagance! Take a look at this pig, it is asking, nay, demanding to be given the old Jamie Oliver make over. A quick wazz of pepper a bosh of salt and bobs your uncle, luxury lunch.

If pork is not your passion and you like your food to be as cute as it is tasty, then you my friend will surely delighted to meet the Pygmy Hedgehog. With its prickly exterior, this one puts the challenge into chewing. Somewhat like a scotch egg in proportions, this one is sure to be a family fave.

Ok, ok, I know what your thinking, what about people who don’t eat meat, well rest assured I have catered for the pescetarians (fish eaters) out there as well.

Here for your salivation is the pygmy seahorse.

Pretty in pink it may be, but splendid as sushi I think is more appropriate.

Well I hope I have wetted your appetites with these new menu ideas. Anyone wishing to refer me to the RSPCA should be aware of my allegiance to the other RSPCA (Royal Society for Perfectly Cooked Animals) before berating my taste (or lack of). Anyway if you are feeling vengeful you can get back at me in miniature with a Dwarf Caiman! These razor toothed would be a perfect surprise to find in any purse or man bag.