Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Free Track: Au Revoir Simone

I haven't done one of these giveaway tracks in a while, only because I didn't hear anything I liked enough to do that. But our good friends Au Revoir Simone are having a remix album of their superb Still Night, Still Light out early next month - it's called Night Light, I should give them a big up and a preview of this beautiful song reworked 'Another Likely Story'... Can't say I love it as much as the airy original but their voices make it equally cute, right?

Au Revoir Simone | Another Likely Story (Aeroplane Remix) by supersweet

Thursday, 24 June 2010


Firstly, I have to own up to my sheer lack of inspirational directions to write about our beautiful pieces at points. In truth, it can be pretty hard to get the creative juices going about a Rolling Stone man wearing Aviators (if it is even him...ah!) until I found this hilarity from an enthusiastic e-how.com member, publishing her scrawls on HOW TO DANCE LIKE MICK JAGGER Inspirational.

Today (July 26th) is Mick's birthday and as he is my long time, imaginary rock-n-roll boyfriend, I felt compelled to share with you the key to getting your swagger-like-Mick-Jagger ON. Yeah yeah, the guy is 60 something or other but, damn, he can move those hips and exudes sexiness like nobody's business. You may want to practice this in your bathroom mirror before sharing it with your public...if you have glitter, apply now.

 Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Things You'll Need:

    * glitter
    * music listening device
    * tight spandex pants
    * gucci t-shirt
    * Rolling Stones music
    * mirror

Step 1

Hold something to simulate a microphone. Zucchinis are good as are small water bottles or wooden spoons. Whatever works for you. Select a Stones song you like and play it LOUD. Take care if using headphones. Some suggestions: "Can't You Hear Me Knockin'","Gimme Shelter", "Honky Tonk Woman", "Brown Sugar" or "Satisfaction".

Step 2

Do something to make your lips look bigger. Pucker up in an exaggerated fashion and hold this facial position throughout the dance (unless you are singing along to the Stones song and you need your lips to move for pronunciation purposes). When not singing, resume the hyper extension of your smackers.

Step 3

Project your head forward and back while placing one hand on your hip. Remember to keep lips pursed. You are kind of simulating a chicken, but a cool, old school, rock and roll chicken. Actually, you could think of it more like a rooster than a chicken. Yeah, a rooster is better. Think cocky! You are the rooster chasing after all the little chickens. That's a good metaphor to hold in your head.

Step 4

While pursing your lips and bobbing your head like a chicken/rooster, still holding the zucchini, hand on hip, begin to move forward into space by bending from the waist, then quickly return back to your starting position. For a special flourish you can wave your arms wildly.

Step 5

Incorporating ALL of the above movements, start to skip around. Hopefully you are in good cardiovascular shape because you are going to be moving for awhile. Periodically stand in one place and shake your hips to the left and to the right. Wag your finger for emphasis. Pretend you are scolding your little chickens. Resume your skipping.

Step 6

Helpful Tip: In addition to bobbing your head to and fro you may also shake your head as if you're saying "yes" while moving your head to the left and to the right. This is particularly effective when there is a long Keith solo on the guitar.

Step 7

Another delightful move involves standing with your legs about shoulder width apart and shifting the weight of your body, alternating between the left and the right leg. Sway your hips emphatically for greatest effect. Lift the foot off the ground of the alternating legs as if you are marching. Keep waving your arms and pointing.

Step 8

Remember. Mick has been practicing these moves for a long time. A very long time. Be gentle with yourself, act naturally, and most importantly, rock on with your bad self.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


‘Sup bitches. Like most people, SUPERSWEET enjoys having a good old swear from time to time, but only when it matters. And only if it’s funny. The English language is littered with unnecessary hard-core cusses, so we’ve decided to tone things down a bit with our guide to good old fashioned expletives. Why say FUCK when you can say BUM? Your friends and family will be strangely impressed and humoured the next time you utter something like, “Gordon Bennett, that git nearly buggered up my car!” We feel a revolution coming on…

BUM – Arse. As in you BUM! Noun. Lazy. As in, “stop lazing around your hackneyed bum.”
FAGGOT – Homosexual. May also use POOF.
POO – To replace SHIT with. “ This gig is really poo.”
PANTS. Use as above. Pants were never anything to rave about.
BERK – Idiot. Next time you want to utter WANKER, try using BERK instead.
BLAST – Good one to replace FUCK with. “Blast! I’ve burnt the pot noodle.”
BLOODY HELL - More an exclamation than an insult. “Bloody hell! His willy is HOW small?”
BUGGER – Homosexual intercourse via the bottom. Good for cursing unwanted news with.
CHRIST – Unless you’re a regular friend of Jesus, this isn’t considered blasphemy anymore. And no, you won’t end up in hell being buggered by Satan for using it.
JESUS – As above.
GORDON BENNETT – Refers to James Gordon Bennett, a 19th century death defying daredevil. Next time your mum exclaims “Gordon Bennett!” it’s because something out of the ordinary’s happened.
MUNTER – Try using instead of FUGLY for a really ugly woman.
MINGER. As above. Now more commonly refers to a lady’s nethers, as in MINGE.
PILLOCK – An idiot. The etymology of Pillock is “pillicock,” used to refer to the male member.
SCRUBBER – A woman considered to be the village bicycle.
TROLLOP – Equivalent of “tart,” and a sixteenth-century slang for a prostitute.
CODGER – Equivalent of a geriatric male member, ie, “You old codger!” Good for insulting your parents with.
GIT – A good insult for someone who’s cocky and unfairly successful.
MUPPET –Gormless idiot. “You forgot to put our names on the guest list, you muppet!”
WILLY – Use instead of DICK or COCK for a male insult. “You’re a complete willy. I hate you”

Now go forth and multiply...

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


"You have been a wery, wery bad teddy-bear"

Juliet Sugg is the queen of confessional art. When she's not illustrating our digital shop windows with bats and sexy rabbits, she's locked up in her attic with pen glued to hand confronting that slippery little triptych of sex, guilt and bestiality. While the majority of her work rates an 18 certif, SUPERSWEET decided to exhibit her subtler - yet equally potent - portrayals of domestic angst and complex undertones of sexual guilt.

We're not the only ones embroiled in Juliet's confessional underworld. During her studies at Central St. martins, she won a coveted Scholarship, then smashed through her graduate show with a daringly intimate collection to rival Emin.

Other magazines have dared to bare her most confronting and sensitive work to date, where she "attempts to wrestle with the perceptions of what it is to be human". Questioning where skin begins and fur ends, Juliet illustrates fur as a mask, and the skin-fur marriage as a carnival of horrible delight. "The ‘children’ born of these acts are marked by their animal inheritance and must learn to cut, groom and disguise their ever growing unruly manes."

Juliet, we like.

If you want to indulge in more of Juliet's art, see our digital art gallery here, or visit her in her underworld: website.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Hi, I'm Britney, love me!

And this (on the left) is my sister LadyGaga...

And our whole family of wild cats! Rwaaargh!!!
Love us!