Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Julian Casablancas

So everyone is raving about Julian Casablancas’ return, with his new solo project on the lips of every longing Strokes’ fan. But with his new song '11th Dimension' up on MySpace sounding like a discotheque wet-dream, I’m left in doubt over the success of his upcoming debut, which appears to be a great departure from The Strokes’ heart aching guitar chords and scratchy vocals I pined over in my pubescent days.

As I gazed over the new album cover, I couldn’t help but find a similarity between Julian Plenti’s debut, where both men are eyeing up the camera with come-to-bed eyes. Casablancas’ sexual prowess doesn’t stop there, with the new preview video of his album on myspace, an array of ambiguous sequenced images with flashes of the Strokes singer fading onto the screen, but ultimately to elude the album even further. AH!


His debut album Phrazes for the Young should be released on October 19th, unless we are force to wait further in anticipation; hopefully the much-loved singer won’t disappoint.

Saturday, 26 September 2009


Yesterday I visited the studio of one of my favourite New York designers, ThreeASFOUR. Don't you just love that name alone already?!

This particular Spring/Summer 10 collection totally draws me in. It's their first time collaborating with Yoko Ono, while hanging out with her son Sean, he suggested they hook up with his mom and see if she would do something. Yoko instantly loves the idea, already a fan of the label, she gave them her rare print to mix in with their usual curved seams and circular tailoring. The print doesn't just inspire the collection two-dimensionally but whole spiral thing also evolves into the structure of the shape. There you have it: a breath-taking capsule collection consisting only of 23 pieces!

The guys told me that this is Yoko's first and probably the only time to work with fashion designers. I'm pleased to hear, having been dreaming about stocking their collections for a while now, and know that ThreeASFOUR's debut collection at the SUPERSWEET Shop will be a rather special one!

This is one of the most complicated flowy type dress I've seen, aptly named the 'Hide and Seek Dress' with Yoko's print on cream silk but one piece of fabric literally hides under folds and pops out under another seam creating multi layer effect that is light as feather. What I love about it is that it's casual enough to be daywear, but at the same time luxuriously long and glamour enough for the night.

And who knows! We're doing swimwear next summer too! But us being us, it will be conceptual pool parties we're inviting you to. I'm ready!

PS: If you can't wait till next summer, you can go buy the delicious limited edition posters (set of three and only 50 available) from O.H.W.O.W. here.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Newsletter: 23 September 2009

Aunty Viv at LFW

Having teamed up with Red Bull for their Fashion Factory launch at LFW for free tickets, the fizzy winged-warriors kindly gave us this behind the scenes vid' for Dame Vivienne Westwood! If you didn't get down to the Happening Hub at Holborn, the shows were a-maz-ing, as you can cleary see. Boy George doffed his trilby in salute amongst others, and Aunty Viv waded into the fashionable fray wearing her trademark organge hair and winning smile.

If its Westwood you love, then why not wear her? We're selling her face on our Iconic T Range in our digital shop for just £18! Click through now, because there's a small waiting list for orders already...

Monday, 21 September 2009

Let's come out in colour!

The others are busy running around doing LFW, I'm now released from my NYC Fashion Week duty, looks like I'm the only one ranting.

I've just bought a big load of collection from Opening Ceremony shoes for our next year's Spring/Summer stock which I'm super psyched about. All I can describe now is that they have kept their classic OC styles but substitute them with more playful materials like tie dyed and leopard print suede (separately). There's also this bright magenta suede which I'd love to get for us but don't think the world is quite ready yet for it.

This got me thinking, I know everyone loves black and it always sells, but looking at an online shop full of black is so depressing for me, don't you think? I want to come to a shop that's inspiring and full of life, black is just... well another dark colour to me. We probably don't have a place on the fashion map yet but it made me realise we have to start somewhere. I want to have a say in what people really want to wear so for this season to come, I'm keeping the black items only when necessary and I say yes to tie dyes & polka dots from Noble Youth (a newish and affordable enterprise based in NYC), leopard prints from Opening Ceremony, mad mulit-colour prints from Alexandre Herchcovitch and nautical nonsense from SteveJ & YoniP. And this is going to be the craziest season yet. If you want to come out and be yourself, come to SUPERSWEET Shop!

Saturday, 19 September 2009

America, you're too much!

While in the US of A, I was forced to watch this gnarly commercial from a fast food chain called Red Robin. They were promoting this new burger called 'Wise Guy Burger' which, as you can see from the picture above, is a stack of bun, beef, pepperoni, pickles, tomatoes, marinara sauce and wait for it... CHEESE STICKS! No wonder why a child dies every time Bono clicks his magic fingers!

Being a skeptic, I couldn't believe it was real, so I headed over to to find out what else have they got in store for the ones looking to end their lives. They have this thing called 'The Customizer' where you can choose your basic burger and top it up as much as you want, print and bring it to the restaurant and they'll make your dream come true. Naturally I made one...

And it also has the nutrition calculator which helps you calculate how quickly you will die. Can anyone think of an easier way to access heaven (and/or hell)?!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Free Track: Air's Mesh Up

I'm personally quite excited about the new Air album which is out first week in October, it's called Love2 and a single one week before that. Having said that I haven't heard the album in full though but here's the mash up they've done themselves of pretty much all the new songs from Love2. Feel free to listen to and download! Hoorah!

Air | Love2 Mini-Mix by supersweet

Behind the Scenes: BESTIVAL

Whoa! SUPERSWEET’s been all over the place this last weekend, with the Ed whirling herself off to fashion central in NY, I’ve been destroying my eardrums and browning my face like a crème brulee in the lovely Isle of Wight. While you may chortle at its lack of glamour, SUPERSWEET’s covered the island’s much hailed Bestival welcoming anyone with a colourful identity crisis for the space themed costume parties...and keep those eyes peeled for the in-depth review of the festival on SUPERSWEET! For now, here are some snippets of the musical mayhem I got up to!

After ploughing through what costumes to decorate myself with, I decided with the loveable red jumpsuit wearing Mork aka Mork and Mindy! However bumping into a male Mork only realised how poor my delightfully homemade costume was, well I suppose you can decide... I did get cheered in the costume catwalk and hugged by a sweaty Chewbacca look-i-like!

While running around searching for the Hidden Disco in the forestry labyrinth, I began to doubt my journalistic skills until I ran to new-wave soul band Hockey, bear hugging them for their fab interview earlier and snapping a cheeky photo of beauties; vocalist Benjamin Grubin and bassist Jeremy Reynolds. Feeling I’d proven my journalism worth, we cheered Happy Birthday to Jeremy; yet with a quick turn I swiftly lost myself in the woods and failed as a simple festival goer, missing Cagedbaby at the Hidden Disco!

Hockey wasn’t the only band we managed to get chatting too; in the upcoming review we’ve recapped horror stories from Kitty, Daisy and Lewis, Chew Lips and their sexual party tricks and Casiokids rocked up for a late night acrobatic finale with the lead singer face painted in the style of a space cat (or as the band pointed out repeatedly, definitely a mouse). In the press tent we overheard a band accidentally slipping a racial slur, and while struggling up the hill home I spotted lead singer of The Big Pink, Robbie Furze wearing a cropped fur gilet and white sunglasses looking rather pleased with himself.

Anyone have any stories to share with SUPERSWEET? Comment below, we want to hear your adventures too, you could even get a mention the article...only if you make us laugh into incontinence of course!

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Custo Barcelona

I'm going to see Custo Barcelona show tonight, the flashiest fashion show of the New York Fashion Week. Here's what they got me so excited for in the press release...

Custo Barcelona: The Tent (8:00 PM)

Celebrities Expected: Kenan Thompson, Actor – Saturday Night Live, Bryan Greenberg, Actor, Mark Indelicato, Actor- Ugly Betty, Miss Jay, Judge – America’s Next Top Model, Kristen Dalton, Miss USA, Stefania Fernandez, Miss Universe, Federico Castelluccio, Actor-The Sopranos, Amerie, Singer , Actress, Carlos Leon, Actor, Melody Thornton, Singer – The Pussycat Dolls, Jared Cotter, TV Host – FUSE TV & American Idol Finalist, Tinsley Mortimer, Socialite, Adam Bertrand, Actor – The Beautiful Life, Miss Teen USA, Stormi Bree Henley, Lothar Mattaus, Former Soccer Player, Adam Green, Singer, Olivia Palermo, TV Personality – The City, Turner Cody, Musician, Johannes Hubl, Male Supermodel, Heather Thomson, Celebrity Stylist, Monique Stateena, America’s Next Top Model Cycle 11.

  • Witness the most high energy show of the season as Custo Barcelona transforms The Tent into a Mediterranean paradise.
I'm stoked that I'm going to get to see a couple of beauty pageants and Miss Jay from ANTM. But Adam Green?!! Really?!! What's he there for? Or is this what I should be expecting?
I certainly hope so! Can't wait, everything he touches turns to gold any way... Why the hell not?

Saturday, 12 September 2009


I just saw Gang Gang Dance play live to Erin Wassion show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week last night! This is MEGA! Obviously they stole the show, without them I would probably be sleeping because the clothes were so bland...

GGD were there dude! Best thing ever! This somehow will go down in history.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Sune Rose Wagner

I've been hanging out with this man two days in a row now. In case you don't recognise him, it's Sune from the Raveonettes. We've probably already talked about his band a few times here now. What can I say? I really love the new albumm, In and Out of Control, it's supposed to be out next month but Sune already hopes it leaks (maybe we can help you?)...

But the reason I'm talking about this is that next month, you're going to be hearing a lot about what he and Sharin like and dislike. Who they've slept with and snogged... I don't know who were stalking who but we're eloping to New York together.

There! You hear it first, now be patient and wait a few more weeks for a full on report. There'll be plenty to tell!