Monday, 31 August 2009

8 Faces

I'm hanging out with 2 favourite 'beings' tonight, let's see who's better at making faces. Let's start with a human called Rory first...

And then our office kitten, Michael...

I'd say Rory wins... for once! Hooray!

Saturday, 29 August 2009

The Raveonettes WOW Package!

We're excited about the Raveonettes' new album, In and Out of Control, but have they had their drummer Leah returned from BRMC yet?

There's only one way to find out, and we're giving you the tip. Walk yourself down to Hoxton Bar & Kitchen 2 Mondays from now (that's 7th Sept in case you look confused), and find out for yourself. But to do that, you need to book a ticket first from

Oh, we mentioned that WOW Package right? Here's what's inside...

1) See Raveonettes live (they're usually very very good!)
2) Get a free CD - this is the new album we've been raving about.
3) That CD comes signed. FYI, it doesn't come out for 4 weeks after that so be good and do not leak it.
4) Find out if Leah has been returned yet.

Isn't this a WOW package or what? We mean, WOW!

Photography: Kriangkrai Srithongthai

Friday, 28 August 2009


This week's featured item by Steve J & Yoni P:


Word on the celebrity wire is... Steve J and Yoni P have sold out their Autumn/Winter range in NY already! It's ok though, we have them in stock just for you. When it comes to grunge revival - over-sized checks, long sleeves for 'nervous teen appeal' and plenty of balls when it comes to sharp and sexy tailoring, we don't miss a single Seattle beat. Check out what you can buy from our digital shop right now.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Newsletter: 26 August 2009

Free Track: Taken by Trees

I really like Victoria (ex-Concrete) and her new project Taken by Trees. This is the 2nd album now, recorded in Pakistan apparently. Even though it's not quite the end of the month yet and we only have one more track we can give away, I think this is worth it. It's a beautiful song. Her album, East of Eden, is coming out early next month. Close your eyes, hold your breath! Taken By Trees | Watch The Waves by supersweet

Free Music! - Gemma Ray's Entire Album

If you’re skint in the pocket or just fancy a free album download, SUPERSWEET brings you a triple-week music download bonanza!

First up is the very excellent Gemma Ray with second album Lights Out Zoltar! A soul-enhancing tapestry of blues, pop and country-rock with dark themes…

To win the album, log into SUPERSWEET Games and answer a peasy question. If you’re not registered, do so on our homepage first!

Next week ///// To Arms with Double A Side Single: Misbelieving/Lucky

Good luck people

Cat Diary #1

I said I was going to make a daily cat scrapbook for our new temporary office pet Michael (girl) last week. Obviously I lied. But I've been taking photos everyday though. Our kitten is so indie, if you can see, she's watching Heima DVD by Sigur Ros! Awww.... And she's loyally lying on my feet right now!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Part of our Philia Issue, this is Bestiality!

A public apology to all involved in the c/o pop shenanigans

I am very sorry that I became too much wolf on stage at C/O Pop. I was singing Shakira’s new song "She Wolf" and I felt my animal instinct to protect my audience. My music is very tribal at the moment, I feel I am protective of all of them. It had been a very long day. I slept well but woke at 4 am to fly to Cologne to start a full day of back to back interviews and photos. My band and crew were setting up onstage and I had no idea of stage times as I do not wear a watch and wasn't informed that my set was being cut short before I went onstage by the relevant parties.

One of the many people milling around backstage told me that the "music industry conference" had gone on too long. Being someone that thinks the audience comes before the industry, in my tired and promo overloaded tour brain, I took this as a demand for justice for the audience. This is why I directed my aggression, which came at the end of a very heated set, not at a man or woman. I was throwing the stool and the microphone at a black hole part of the stage where no one would get hurt but there would be a statement made... The spit did not land on anyone but was in general a display of "I don't respect you". As I said, my show is very tribal at the moment as there is a lot of good in the world to be fighting for. The words "bitch" and "motherfucker" really are not misogynistic words when you live near Soho, London, so let’s put that to rest. My tribe will know that I have over the past 10 years been a public champion for feminism, against ignorance and always fighting in the name of the good fight.

The very bad footage you see on YouTube does not explain that the lady to my left is Victoria my long term violinist and good friend who I protect like a sibling and is not the one I am directing my words or aim to when throwing a piano stool. I would rather hit myself then see Victoria hurt by anyone, or any of my band.

I'm terribly sorry if anyone was upset by this display of closure on a show, but as a human who works like a dog to keep myself in music during these hard times in the industry, I do have off days and bad moments like every other person in the world - although I am not sorry that I am passionate enough about music to care that my crowd didn't get their money's worth due to curfews and mismanagement of stage times. I hope you agree. The display of aggression was directed at nobody in particular, just life and darkness and hard times.

I'm sorry if any people got in the way and I hope you can forgive me for causing any damage due to excess negative personal emotion. As you heard or saw, the audience was encoring for almost half an hour. My next album is about hope and romance and love, so I will bring you a bunch of bright red red roses and a box of After Eights next time from a helicopter when I see you all. So, a summary, major miscommunications backstage x lack of sleep due to very busy schedule x singing many songs about battling x an intense education from the extreme parts of London nightlife/wildlife/streetlife as a teenager x Steve Strange going on very late x a full day of cameras flashing and questions x being 26 years old and should have known better = bad wolf

sorry. peace. pace. truce.

Patrick Wolf

Newsletter: 19 August 2009

I'll have mine without the ham. Thanks.

Hi. This is Ellen DeGeneeeres. I saw your recent blog about the Hawaii Chair and I'd like to plug my own talk show, Ellen, where I test out one of these chairs with my own ass. Did you know I'm also a lesbian? I think editorial assistant Tiffany Tondut is extremely hawt and I wonder if she'd like to try out the chair with me sometime, wink wink. I think you know where I'm going with this. Call me. I'm not desperate. (001189602614)

(P.S I'm a vegetarian, hence no ham)

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Oh my god, are you serious?

As ridiculous as it looks, I think our lovely Tiffany Tondut will like this a lot!

Where's Rhys Good Shoes?

The last time I saw my very good friend Rhys was when he came to our SUPERSWEET Me! gig at the Macbeth. He occasionally comes to cook for us since I'm such an enthusiastic eater and you can see some evidences here in our Cookery Column (it was later hijacked by Good Shoes gig buddies, the Pity Party. Hmm...shame.)

But I haven't seen him in a while and I don't know where he is or what he's up to. All I know is that he's got this really nice free download out for everyone if you sign up for it from I signed up too. Didn't know he's such a softie on this song called 'The Way My Heart Beats'.

You too should do it. And can someone let me know where this friend of mine is these days please?