Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Hey Ladies, Wanna Wear Some Chewbacca?

Ok, we confess, our press releases are more often than not - a little zany, 90's rave and borderline psychotic, but we always hope the readers at least enjoy themselves a tad. Yet this time, we had some serious LOLs at SS HQ when we spotted a brief fashion press release slip into our Inbox this morning representing some nifty, Karl Lagerfield-like and high street equivalent of the Fur Yeti Boot as:
"Chewbacca style boots"

Being the only member of staff to actually know who Chewbacca is I spent my break YouTubing to prove a point - it doesn't matter how lovely the growling, Han Solo co-poliot was, making a pop culture reference to a serious brand you are slogging over probably isn't the best move to get positively noticed ...

Yet maybe this is the new slang for fur-booties, of course birthed out the genius wake of jeggings and treggings. MAYBE, even MAYBE, we'll be trotting down the cobbles, pointing to some fashionista lady, strutting furry furry footwear, blasting "Darling, LOVE your Chews!"

My personal favourite...

Thursday, 19 August 2010


Suck my egg

Want to know the reality of working for a magazine in the publishing sector? It makes every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday feel like a Friday, ie, the never-ending end to a VERY long week.

SUPERSWEET fits the bill. We love a bit of fun, but sometimes we go cork-screw raving mad. Mental workplace activities include:

rocking back and forth in our chairs
chasing the office cat with a miniature lobster
tossing important documents up in the air and guffawing
playing with hula-hoops
laying on the floor for 5 mintues like a sardine
covering ourselves with stickers
making stupid noises with our mouths and armpits
writing stupid blog posts
circling our shoulders to release pent-up aggression
staring at Jarvis Cocker for unnatural periods of time on YouTube
spending 2 days making cat skype to interview ONE band

We don't have a space hopper, like the officiously funny little twats in Nathan Barley, but BY GOD we can rival them. I watched that smash-hit Chris Morris series when it first hit our pewny little Hoxton heads years ago, and I thought, 'naaah, working in the PR/advertising/fashion/publishing industry can't be that blindingly daft!' Naturally, Morris proved me wrong. It is EXACTLY like that. Through working at SUPERSWEET for over 3 years, I could have written that Nathan Barley gig myself. Maybe it's time for a sequel...

Monday, 16 August 2010

Competition announcement - We like Best Coast 50 times!

"Like, where do we live again?"

A week ago we launched the bestest competition ever - we gave away a signed ‘life map’ of Californian surf band Best Coast! During our stalker-style interview with Bethany, Bob and Ali, we gave them a map of LA to pencil in their favourite hang-outs, music haunts and other personal digs special to them. 

We had a hungry influx of peeps all wanting to win the map, the only obstacle in their path was to count how many times Betsy said the work ‘LIKE’ in our SUPERSWEET TV interview

So how many times did she overuse the word ‘LIKE’? 7, 39, 150, 1000? We were surprised by the amount of grossly incorrect answers. Are you guys deaf or something? If you’re itching to know, here’s the correct answer….


Only one entrant came close enough to warrant winning, and that was Magali Palma from California. Even though she counted 51 likes instead of the correct number of 50, we decided to give her the prize because... 

a) because she made this amazing list:
  1. :25
  2. :42
  3. :58
  4. 1:43
  5. 1:44
  6. 1:51
  7. 1:56
  8. 1:56
  9. 4:38
  10. 4:58
  11. 4:50
  12. 4:52
  13. 4:57
  14. 5:06
  15. 5:10
  16. 5:13
  17. 5:15
  18. 5:31
  19. 5:34
  20. 5:50
  21. 5:54
  22. 5:57
  23. 5:58
  24. 6:28
  25. 6:29
  26. 6:33
  27. 6:40
  28. 6:42
  29. 6:46
  30. 6:47
  31. 6:48
  32. 6:47
  33. 6:54
  34. 6:55
  35. 7:00 (that like was an actual LIKE)
  36. 7:25
  37. 7:29
  38. 7:31
  39. 7:35
  40. 7:37
  41. 7:39
  42. 7:41
  43. 7:42
  44. 7:49
  45. 7:52
  46. 7:59
  47. 8:02
  48. 8:09
  49. 8:11
  50. 8:21
  51. 8:53
b) she was only over the mark from being too eager to hear the word 'like'! (She counted 2 likes at 1:43 and 1:44 when Bethany only said like once at 1:43 minutes)

b) she must be Best Coast’s number 1 fan!

Consolations to everyone else. Rest assured we’ll run another Best Coast competition soon with more ridiculous prizes on offer.

Surfs’ out dudes!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

LalaLiars give us some LalaLove!

Last Friday, the SUPERSWEET team skived work and went to Standon Calling Festival for a day in Hertfordshire to check out our favourite band Liars headline. Much to our surprise (and without the band knowing we were coming), one of them was wearing LalaLove's Popeye top!

Sadly this style is now all sold out. But you can check out more here. Latest I heard was that guitarist Aaron is going through some hardcore Madonna phase, so he'll probably be bagging a lot of our Madges too!

Monday, 9 August 2010


Would the real Jerry Hall please smile?

I was royally annoyed to see a 20 year old Jerry Hall gracing the cover of the Daily Mail’s Weekend Supplement last weekend (July 31st). There’s nothing wrong with looking 20 years old…if you’re 20 years old. What kicks the bucket is a 54 year old woman masquerading as a young whippet, with 30 odd years airbrushed clean off her face (and neck). What gives? Nothing, apparently. No lines, wrinkles, crows feet, blemishes, age spots or jowl movements. This wasn’t Jerry Hall but the epitome of an ironed-out media deception. Rubbing in the salt was the headline “Look at what you’ve lost, Mick!” The Daily Mail should be kicked in both shins.

The truth is, we age. It’s painful. It wobbles. It can be ugly, but only if we continue to view age as a disease. This radical pursuit of new-age youth is a dangerous cult. If Jerry Hall were politics, this would be the Watergate Scandal.

An organisation called Girlguiding hit the news with their petition, calling on the Prime Minister to “introduce compulsory labelling so people can tell the difference between airbrushed and natural images.” It’ll be interesting to see the dirt kicked up over this storm, where people will stand and what guidelines are drawn up. How much airbrushing is acceptable before it warrants a warning label? If Vogue decide to oust a spot from Kiera Knightly’s precious porcelain skin, is this considered deceptive? The line, I feel, will become a shifty little minx that cannot be pinned down.

The answer is surely along the lines of “if you can’t improve it in reality, don’t deceive us.” And the same goes for ‘worsening’ celebrities in order to make more dollars. Adding spots, dark circles and graying the skin to make public figures appear as though they’re on the brink of breaking down is just as screwed up.

If there’s going to be a label, lets make sure it works both ways.

Signing out....
Dog x