Tuesday, 30 March 2010

SS @ SXSW in SIX Mins!

Dead dirty and inescapable from the bearded to-the-brim residents, Austins pied piper music heritage led greedy fans, industry hippies and SUPERSWEET's Gemma Dempster for March's SXSW Music Conference 2010.

Raking in the wonderfully pissy hoards of queuing freeloaders for the daily parties, or the elitist who darken SXSW badge-only events at night; we snaked through both realms, grasping every morsel of fresh and tarnished bands for our bite-size video review.

The highlights? Stalking Adam Green down a pastoral suburban street to commandeer footage of his underwear; rolling down a barbed wire hill to secretly break in for a Surfer Blood show; catching Woody Harrelson slurping eyes at Hole's Love, and bumping into a surprisingly short Sean Lennon. The result? A shamefully gimmicky video called SXSW in SIX Minutes, gah, now we didn't want to gloat too much did we?

SXSW in SIX Minutes Line Up: Adam Green, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Chew Lips, Hole, Liars, Local Natives, Marina and the Diamonds, The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, Phantogram, Pivot, School of Seven Bells, Soko, Stricken City, Thurston Moore, and Warpaint

Footage: Gemma Dempster

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Welcome to SUPERSWEET, Sophie Hulme!

Sophie Hulme is the latest designer to join our Rockstar AW 10 range at SUPERSWEET! But how could she not? Sophie is, as we recently discovered, our very own Islington posse. She is the missing piece that completes us. We have clothes, shoes, jewelleries and now, because of her, bags...

With each collection, all her items come with collectible charms. The first one was a brass whistle with the brand and collection engraved, then a toy soldier, name tag and now (into her 5th season) a military whistle! Yes, something like this necklace below.
So look out for all these guys as they'll be coming to you before you know it. Armoured tan and black leather totes or box bags, whistle necklaces, belts (another category added) and the best thing of all to turn that mundane coat of yours (come on, everybody's got one) suddenly into the coolest thing you own - the bow necklaces! I know I'll be having one, armoured and protected please.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Gold Teeth In The Park

Last year the "sarf" London quintet won SS's MySpace New Bands contest and finally, they've returned! Picked up by XFM's John Kennedy to play his The Remedy night at hidden gem, Tooting Tram & Social, we're glad to see the band have returned from their gallivanting to unveil more mischievous directions, they're even working with a new synth player, Dan Thompson. Check out one of the band's new track, 'Slow', played in a park!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Sunday, 14 March 2010

I'm gonna be a Rockstar!

Is it too soon to talk about the next winter when we've hardly made our way out of this one? I'm just slightly excited when I get to exercise my shopaholism through work and put it to good use!

With our wonderful SUPERSWEET Shop, I try to buy for each season as if everything was our own collection altogether. So with the current season (that's Spring/Summer 10, in case you're stuck in a time loop like me), we're doing Beach Candies... As for the next Autumn/Winter, I intend to turn everyone into a Rockstar!

Starting with Brooklyn's Noble Youth (only their 3rd season in!), they've borrowed a Hugh Heff's raspberry velvet jacket, cropped it, slashed the back out and stuffed it with black lace... actually a lot of super see-thru black lace to tease the crowd! Raspberry isn't the only option, there's black roses on brown velvet and black too!

For more of the "frontwoman" type, I've got the tassled leggings for you in three colourways from SteveJ & YoniP. If I were you, I'd rush and get my hands on everything now. We heard that Yoni is turning into a rockstar herself as she'll soon appear everywhere on Korean TV with her own chat show. That's some gossip for you!

We could go back to the 70s glam rock a bit more with IVANAhelsinki's billowing sleeves from her latest Copper Chain collection. Nearly everything shines and shimmers, and this cute lurex dress is no less. If you get it, wear it with the coolest leggings from threeASFOUR!
For me, I already have plans to steal this ultimate rockstar harness, again, from threeASFOUR. What an amazing idea! Just throw it on top of anything (and everything) and you're a superstar!

Oh and don't forget to put your new shoes on. Faux fur "wild things" from Opening Ceremony!

Now start saving money and book me for gigs at once!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Bruce Willis KILLS Gorillaz!

It's official. Bruce Willis is my ultimate sugar daddy. 

I don't care what anyone says, since the bleach blonde locks in Fifth Element and his orange outfitted performance, I've had a mega-crush on the bald headed enthusiast. It's disgusting how far my obsession lies, from watching repeatedly ITV's Die Hard reruns and delivering my own "John McClane just got shot, ohhh, wait, he's alive" director's commentary to whoever is sadly on the phone to me at that time. Now, who else but the Bruce would appear with a meaty gun and take out the belligerently ugly Gorillaz in new video for 'Stylo'. Sadly we couldn't embed this HD snippet, but cor, look at old Brucey's head shine.

Don't forget to check out the video here!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Liars Liars Liars

My month-long "field trip" in Los Angeles is coming to an end. But here's a quick recap in pictorial triplets...

1) I managed to trap Julian in a box. He really wants to get out and if for some reason he doesn't make it with the band on tour next month, you know where to find him.
2) I took Aaron out to the countryside, it was a long drive, but there he bonded with this sweet retired greyhound. We named him Lionel. You can check Aaron's documentary here (actually, his documentary that I learned to edit for the first time!).

3) Behind Angus' back, we all met up for a very special Valentines date. It's Liars and Pink Dollaz meeting for the first time after having collaborated on the opening track 'Scissor'! There was a big photoshoot in a huge studio. That's all I'll say for now.

Photo: Zen Sekizawa

Enough babbling! All of this is because I can't stop confessing my love for the band. They might have said it a thousand times, now it's my turn, Liars I love you, and thank you for the Guest Editing spot for SUPERSWEET this March!

If you love them as much as me, keep checking SUPERSWEET for 1000 times more Liars fun by Liars themselves! This magazine is forever theirs!