Monday, 10 May 2010

ATP by Matt Groening Tweetathon

So some of you might know, I went to the ATP last weekend and did hour by hour on-site tweets. It wasn't easy, I don't talk to myself all the time that much but it was pretty interesting to have to busy myself all the time so I had things to tell. If you missed it, we had two cool guest tweets and here's the highlights of my past weekend with pictures. Follow us (or me, basically) at @supersweet!

We're geeks and early at #ATP - 5:50 PM May 7th

Just bumped into liars, they thought I was my own double! Can't wait to see th tonight, it's been 3 years! This will be epic! - 5:52 PM May 7th

Wow! Projector work at broadcast @atpfestival is amazing! I'm in trance! - 6:18 PM May 7th

Our neighbours next door mean business! Next up: cold cave! - 7:36 PM May 7th

Are cold cave serious? This is literally what I'm seeing at the @atpfestival right now. Literally!! - 8:00 PM May 7th

It's iggy o'clock!! - 9:03 PM May 7th

Spotted a girl wearing Sretsis make my heart melt jeans, she looks amazing!!- 9:15 PM May 7th

Arghhoooooooo..... I wanna be your dog #atp cuz your light show is the brightest ever!! - 9:27 PM May 7th

I have two hours of napping before the fresh&onlys and liars! How un rock and roll of me. - 9:55 PM May 7th

Ok round two for friday @atpfestival Woah nice hair shonen knife girls!! - 12:44 AM May 8th

Love this girls dress a lot. Second row for liars @atpfestival now. I'm a geek but can't wait! - 2:14 AM May 8th

It's official: liars are best band in the world - I will die doing everything to get the rest of the world to agree with me. Manipulative! - 2:25 AM May 8th

But seriously, they were even better than the last time I saw them and I didn't think that was possible ever! - 2:35 AM May 8th

Right I've never had a monologue for this long with and to myself before. Let's do more updates tomorrow. Night night #ATP! - 2:42 AM May 8th 

Ok I'm up! Who's at @atpfestival and awake and wants to meet up text me now. Today is a hang day. But give an hour to wash my hair first! - 11:32 AM May 8th

Top is such a man today! - 1:46 PM May 8th

Breakfast #atp how glamorous! - 2:18 PM May 8th

Love the colour and frills of this girls coat! Next up: last songs of boredoms! - 2:42 PM May 8th

I think the next question to our next freebie should be how many instrument hitting tweeps you see at boredoms - 3:12 PM May 8th

I have so much respect for boredoms now! Another best band to play @atpfestival! it was so pretty looking at cymbols flipping up/down too! - 3:16 PM May 8th 

We want... But oh so expensive! - 4:53 PM May 8th

Coffee with the lovely Debbie from @CreateSpark. Now: deerhunter time! - 4:57 PM May 8th

Why aren't your feet cold? - 5:27 PM May 8th

Matt groening is drawing for you right now #ATP!! = 5:51 PM May 8th

Bumped into this girl. She has a gorgeous orange jumper that shr apparently got for almost nothing in Taunton!! - 6:41 PM May 8th

This is Julian from Liars. Konono no 1 just about made me cry, and the boredoms earlier really did make me cry. Absolutely amazing. Choltida such a bitch cause she Is making me cry right now, cause I am an old man and ugly. - 7:37 PM May 8th

Watching residents... Not sure if I'm enjoying it yet... - 8:23 PM May 8th

Apparently liars are making us a toothbrush! Sending pat the lovely intern to collect it from their chalet tonight!! - 9:08 PM May 8th

Look! Tiny bunny at @atpfestival!! - 10:32 PM May 8th

That blond guy who sticks fingers at thee oh sees shouting I've heard them all before can go fuck yourself. Who begs you to be here? - 10:32 PM May 8th 

Getting ready for xx, we are right in the front for once! Ooh... Groupies! - 11:16 PM May 8th

Watching xx with matt groening, woah!! - 12:34 AM May 9th

Amazing light show at xx #ATP! - 12:46 AM May 9th

Because we were staring at his arse so much, we actually got given this teddy bear. Who's got peter pan now hey? - 2:02 AM May 9th

So pandabear was a bit of a let down... I'm going to bed now... Zzzz... - 2:11 AM May 9th

Pot noodles for breakfast anyone? Well it's kind of lunch now. Last day @atpfestival, can't wait to see Daniel Johnston! - 12:19 PM May 9th

Interviewing our band of the month later today. Look out for another guest tweet! - 12:50 PM May 9th

Cinema time! - 1:23 PM May 9th

Toy story! He won't stop staring! - 1:52 PM May 9th

Daniel Johnston is about to make me cry right now ;( - 6:50 PM May 9th

Oh my god Daniel Johnston is doing the soundcheck by himself right now! A private show!! I think I'm star struck!!! - 7:13 PM May 9th

Guest tweet from sierra CocoRosie: hey we are here #ATP, we're looking forward to playing tonight, let's dance! - 7:21 PM May 9th

It's j spaceman performing ladies and gentlemen... Yo! - 8:13 PM May 9th

Let's try again. Were seriously super close now!! See? - 8:36 PM May 9th

Just danced with bianca and sierra from CocoRosie! - 9:38 PM May 9th

Can someone please teleport me from a to b? It's too cold to walk! - 10:30 PM May 9th

Raincoats talk too much I'm leaving! - 11:34 PM May 9th

Seriously, I like bands that talk and joke around but I'm not really here for a standup show... Gaagh! Really annoyed now! - 11:43 PM May 9th

These are the shiniest dms I've seen ever! - about 24 hours ago

My #ATP ends with frustration, don't know whose fault it is, joanna newsom playing too long and too quietly or raincoats talking too much? - about 24 hours ago

Let's hope our band of month nymphs close it nicely! I'm digging the chaos pads work at xx right now though! - about 24 hours ago

And may I add that they're doing 100 times better a job than george harrisons son's band the new #2. and he had four of them! - about 24 hours ago

I'm impressed! Am loving everything about the xx show right now! - about 24 hours ago

Aww... Last day @atpfestival has really done it for @pitterpatterpat. We're waiting for cocorosie... Eagerly, as you see! - about 23 hours ago

Come on coco, we're waiting #ATP! - about 23 hours ago

Alright! That was a high level of satisfaction!! Thank you CocoRosie you were amazing!! Well done @atpfestival! Nighty night!! - about 22 hours ago

End of ss #ATP tweet-reports. Can we call these tweetports?! - about 22 hours ago

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