Wednesday, 22 September 2010

London Fashion Love Letters: Pringle of Scotland

Hello Perm,

Pringle, the knitwear brand from Scotland dropped their Spring/Summer 2011 collection in my mailbox today – apparently they want to be my pen pals as well! I don’t really mind that: concluding from their letter, the brand seems to be one of the cool kids of fashion as they got Alex from Franz Ferdinand and Marina together with the Diamonds to come and hang out at their show. In addition to that, Pringle of Scotland wrote me that also Olivia Palermo, the girl who has a lot of drama going on on MTV attended the show. Not sure how I should react on that one.

When it comes to the collection, it seems to be as eclectic as the audience at the show was. For their new collection, Pringle has mixed the classic black and white colour palette with some country tints. There are tailored silhouettes, ruffles, feathers, sheer materials and geometric shapes. Even though this could have turned into one big mess, the brand did manage to pull all the different influences together into a collection with a surprisingly coherent classic feeling.

Here’s some knitwear inspiration for you:


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