Saturday, 18 September 2010

London Fashion Love Letters: Jayne Pierson

Hey Emmi,

I am sorting out the photos of Bryce Aime's SS11 collection that has just been shown at London Fashion Week and I have realised I am yet to share my thoughts on the Jayne Pierson catwalk show I attended last night.

Pierson's catwalk show was preceded by a brief film screening "Twin Parallel" by Justin Anderson. Highly conceptual, the short film starts with the break of dawn, light, a cuckoo clock, fruit, a dead goose and models adorned in Pierson's clothing. The models soon become doubles of one another, carrying edible items in one by one. The press release says, "Pierson expertly observes observes the existence of gravitational time dilation and engages with the notion that one could change the past to re-create a different future." I'm all over the fence about this. The film, overall, just reminds me of some 17th century Dutch painting of everyday life. That's it. It has its own significance but I'm unsure how it could be translated into clothes.

Pushing the concept aside, the collection is quite eye-catching. Pierson is noted for structured silhouette and in this Spring Summer 11 collection she shows her admirable skills of leather drapery. The collection arrives in printed taffetas, in sky blue, black and gold, the colour of dawn.

"Regal," I think, is the term that perfectly describes Pierson's collection. To me, I see, in Pierson's women, the mixture of princely consorts in ancient South East Asia and European noblewomen. It is not to everybody's liking but it is still a very strong collection. You can't deny that her leather pieces isn't stunning, and this innovative take on a biker's jacket is cool, too!

Let me know what you think.


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