Friday, 17 September 2010

London Fashion Love Letters: Prophetik

Hello Emmi,

I arrived at Somerset House to pick up our badges. I must say the fashion scene this year looks a bit messy. Perhaps London has put a little too much effort into welcoming the Pope and ignored LFW!

Anyway, I--no pun intended--ran into Henry Holland in LFW's promotional red Mercedes posing to photographers' delight. I did not have much time for this and rushed off to my first show Prophetik by Jeff Garner.

Prophetik, you know, is an 8-year-old, all sustainable fashion lifestyle brand; they have started showing in London since last February. This time, designer Jeff Garner takes inspiration from Botticelli's Venus and injects softness, innocence and sensuality into his mens-and-womenswear collection he calls "Midnight Garden".

The show started with a score by Benjamin Ellin invoking a vision of a hooded deity bathing in spotlights. Then came the pretty models, no no!, these youthful goddesses. So serene and fragile.

Thanks to the very soft silhouette, the garments, you must see them yourselves, flow so wonderfully, and these cool colour palettes of ivory, indigo, copper and coral will make anyone wearing them look so sweet and lovely!

Garner, you know, uses all-natural plant and earth-based dyes as well as sustainable fabrics--silk, cotton, linen, reclaimed leather--meaning if you are into ethical clothes, Prophetik might be your ideal brand!

But, considering its design and practicality, Prophetik does commercially cute jackets and day dresses but I am not sure how feasible many of the ball gowns actually are. I'd say, they look a little too stagey, too much of a fairy-tale costume for my liking.

And the men? Ok, if these girlies are goddesses, the Prophetik men are more like farm boys and dudes you see hang around in landscape paintings and wait to be enticed by the goddesses.

Prophetik's menswear is more straightforward, more wearable, and relies a lot on layering to match this up to the ruffled and draped techniques employed for the women's collection. And, I'm sure you can guess, I'd die to have the white cropped jacket! But, no fairy tale godmother to fetch me a free one.

Back to the catwalk, there is definitely something romantic and idyllic about this Spring Summer collection, capturing the nostalgia of nice weather and open natural space. This light-hearted show ended, amusingly enough, in a folk band and a jig. Good? Yes, but am I at LFW or Shakespeare's Globe?

Hope you're let out of the office soon, Emmi. Love to hear your thoughts on the show you're going to today ;)

Mwah, mwah ..


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