Wednesday, 22 September 2010

London Fashion Love Letters: Sibling

Hello (again) Emmi,

You know, who say models have to be handsome? Look at these 'peeps' at the Sibling SS11 presentation at London Fashion Week.

Renowned for brightly coloured and jauntily printed knitwear, Sibling presents something no other than themselves at the Portico Room, Somerset House. The collection is in favour of a soft silhouette, light weight material and lots of eye-catching prints. And there you see, Sibling's obscene sense of humour, them mannequins with no pants on. All I could wish for is that they were human models!

But, I must say, Sibling's centrepieces for their SS11 collection are even more daring. Tracksuit tops with matching bottoms embroidered in swear words--'wanker,' 'cunt,' 'bitch,' and so on--encapsulating male anger and frustration and re-executed for the anti-gentlemen of taste and fashion sense. A chav in Mayfair, perhaps? Or, Kensington?

Just plainly rude but awesome!!


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