Saturday, 18 September 2010

London Fashion Love Letters: Bernard Chandran

Hello Emmi,

This morning I managed to get up, get dressed, get lost--despite the catwalk's being just a 10 min walk from my flat--get a taxi and get to the Bernard Chandran SS11 catwalk show in time!!

I don't think I'm that bad with direction and totally blamed Chandran for this. He opted for a more unconventional but also more unrecognisable venue, The Old (Royal Mail) Sorting Office, to showcase his blinding bright collection. The show titled "A Modern Romance" started almost on time, at 9.30am, the time which, I believe, is considered very early for fashion folks.

BUT once the first model strutted down the catwalk with the golden rays of (spot)light trailing behind her. WHAM!! We all understand the implication of the 9.30am: the sun rises at Bernard Chandran.

The collection is exuberantly HOT! With his inspiration, too, taken from the nature, Chandran transforms tropical plant roots and plant fibre into linear prints using the Malay technique called Kerawang. This "Modern Romance," certainly, looks toward the East, the Malaysian tropical forest, the bejewelled sea and the sun that never fades away.

As you can see, Chandran mostly uses silk in different colours--gold, silver, jade, ice blue and midnight black--adorned with metallic beads. The silhouette fuses softness and fluidity with a clean-cut, angular structure. You can expect not only lots of organza and volumes but also gargantuan shoulders and heightened skirts. The twist is that these contrasts, with the Chandran magic, seem to become a match made in heaven.

Chandran's pieces are feathery light, luxurious and the collection highly commercially viable. I also think, unlike Bora Aksu's ant-y collection, Chandran's garments are perfect for women of all sizes.

By the way, I had a photograph catastrophe because the clothes are too bright, so I've got you a video clip instead. Check it out ;)

Enjoy your shows today!


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