Monday, 20 September 2010

London Fashion Love Letters: Charlie Le Mindu

Hello (again) Emmi,

Are you tired of me yet? I've finally got enough energy--Hurray!!--to share my experience at the Charlie Le Mindu SS11 catwalk show. As I mentioned earlier in my Bryce Aime blog letter, the queue to get into Charlie's show was insane but it's totally worth it.

Inside the Victoria House, the room was packed. Imagine a tin of John West tuna. Actually, imagine two tins of John West tuna squeezed into one!! O! Before I kick off babbling about the show. I snapped you my favourite celebrities of the day: our blown up party queen Pandemonia and Ms Fred Butler the Milliner Extraordinaire!

And, once the light was off, there was this cheering so immense that my runny nose had stopped running. Then came the model in extraordinary hair carrying spotlights, which was quickly followed the commotion in the room as everybody, even those in the second row, tried to move, push, take over seats that had just been deserted, to get into a better spot. I was one of those pushy people. I had to. I need some good photos to share with you.

Pink animals and hairy VS hairless are the theme of this out-of-this-world catwalk show. Have a look and be warned of (very) blatant nudity!

Charlie does not only bring us fun, edge, bare breasts and buttocks, but also the artificially real, hair construction that defies clothes as the only element in haute couture. In fact, garments or the lack of them became secondary, or totally irrelevant even, in Charlie's show. Do we really need clothes? Maybe not, if we could keep our Charlie at home ;)

Bye for now,

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