Tuesday, 21 September 2010

London Fashion Love Letters: Somerset House Exhibition

Hi Perm,

Talking about walking up and down the stairs at Somerset House, I went to see the exhibition over there the other day. It really made me feel as overwhelmed as the British Museum always does: there’s so much to see that you don’t really know where to look at. Therefore, I decided to stroll around, make observations and take a closer look only at the things that really drew my attention. As a result, I hereby present you Emmi's This Is Cool list:

1. Lingerie Boudoir

A dark staircase leading into small rooms with shamefully sexy underthings all over the place. You’ll find lace thongs with peepholes on the back and bras from Marlies Dekkers with decorative straps that are made to be shown.

2. Sustainability section

Did some really nice finds here: a designer who printed herself with her family on a dress. A tongue-in-cheek brand "She Died of Beauty"that uses T-shirts and bags to evoke thoughts about the superficiality of fashion. And hats! They were simply charming. Of course being fueled with flower power gives an extra to all the brands in this section, so go and check them out, fellow hippies!

3. Super funny jewellery

I actually overheard someone saying ”This is so cool, look, you can wear yourself as a necklace!”. Unfortunately, it’s not really you on the necklace (or at least you have to have a pretty good imagination to think so), but Les Néréides really has some adorable things in their collection: peanuts with hats, lamas with guitars…do I have to say more?

4. Japanese photo booth

This one was a static digital installation powered by Cassette Playa, a brand focusing on digital prints. It was quite refreshening to find a brand that had decided to promote themselves through something else than only clothing. To demonstrate how it all worked, I volunteered to try the photo booth out:

5. Old time glamour

Bebaroque is a brand that strongly believes in the daily glamour that comes with what we wear. Their sheer stockings wear beaded the same way as the bodies. Don’t know how practical they are when worn, but quite surely they’d make a special evening even more special.

This is the end of my little list – if you want to go for a fashion treasure hunt yourself and make a list of your own, Somerset House is the place to go!

As you mentioned, today it’s Christmas in fashion circles as Santa will throw the menswear collections down the chimney and on the catwalks. You're probably at one of the shows right now, can't wait to hear about them!


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