Friday, 17 September 2010

London Fashion Love Letters: Bora Aksu


Emmi, your photos are stunning. I agree that Ashley Ishman's collection looks too tailored for streetwalkers like us. Fingers crossed, some of them--I love the mermaid dress--will end up at Oscar or Cannes. They are the place for Ishman's collection, really.

That said, I feel many of the designers this year take their inspiration from nature. I forgot to mention, Bora Aksu, too, says he developed ideas for this Spring Summer 2011 collection while he was observing ants in one summer's afternoon. How bizarre!?

In Aksu's defence, his collection is far from being gross. Some of the dissected-ants-lookalikes pieces are grotesquely alluring! Thanks to Aksu's craftsmanship, he masters the techniques of ruffling, draping, piping and padding to create ones of the most complex and avant-garde pieces I have seen at LFW this year. You know, he pays so much attention to detail; he even had his models' hair adorned with knitted ants!

Aksu uses silk, cotton, chiffon and other fabrics, which blend miraculously with his choice of black, red and silvery grey. Many of them are dresses. Occasionally, you find some perfectly tailored trousers but still with a soft silhouette.

I find Aksu's collection very naughty and sexy, putting you off but turning you on at the same time. The show was quite high-octane with punk rock music edging up our experience, as if Aksu decides to step up his game and says no to the sweet 'n sultry collections he had previously shown.

If I had to be critical with Aksu's collection, I might have to give him a thumb-down to those tights. They somehow make them models' skinny legs look rather chunky.

Anyway, I think I should head for bed now as I have a Bernard Chandran catwalk to catch tomorrow morning. Promise I'll share my thoughts on the Jayne Pierson show I saw this evening very soon.

And did you go to any after show party?


PS Toilet trauma noted and I just filled my bag with lots of (loo) rolls.

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