Saturday, 18 September 2010

London Fashion Love Letters: Craig Lawrence

Hi Perm,

I quite like the pieces of Jayne Pierson, especially the colourful ones: they look almost as if they were drawn. Looks like you´ve gotten to see quite a variety of different styles! I´m afraid I haven´t - I´ve been haunted by mermaids!

This morning, I successfully managed to find my way to the showroom of Craig Lawrence (without a map - yes, I had to mention that just to give your the ego of your inner compass another hit). Once I got there, a lady at the door handed me a press release. "Ooh, this is handy," I thought and started to read:

"Craig Lawrence´s Spring/Summer 2011 line marks his 4th consecutive season as a British Fashion Council NEWGEN winner. This season´s collection promises to be more dramatic and visionary than ever. Craig leaves the seaside towns of where he grew up in Ipswich, and moves into the fantasy world of mermaids and the seductive mythological sirens of ancient Greece..."

The words "siren mermaids" made my mermaid sirens ring, but I bravely stepped into the room to see not one, but FOUR of these fashion creatures from the underwater kingdom. These mermaids didn't have scales, but wore impressive nets of knits made of Japanese metallic yarns. The combinations of textures, silhouettes and colour breathed serenity that turned off my mermaid alarm. Yes, the sirens of Craig Lawrence were seductive and I fell for them like a good ol' sailor.

Having spotted a visitor who was undoubtedly dressed according to the theme (maybe she mixed Fashion Weeks up with Halloween?), I simply had to take a picture.

I also managed to snap a photo of The Great Designer Himself being interviewed. I might not have a clue where Ipswich is, but at least I can show you that this is how an ipswicher looks like:

I also attended two runway shows today, discovered the muffins at the press lounge and saw someone Famous with a capital F. I'll be annoying and will not reveal who it was, will tell you more about it later! Until then: good night!


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