Friday, 17 September 2010

London Fashion Love Letters: Ashley Ishman

Hi Perm,

If the show you went to was one big fairytale forest, I was taken for a dip into the ocean to see mermaids striding down the runway at Ashley Ishman’s show.

Ishman is known amongst ”those in the upper echelons of fashion” (obviously that includes us) for his signature draping and tailoring. It was therefore no wonder the show started off with beautifully draped dresses, flowing like water as the models walked.

Even though the designs with their sparkling details were pretty and without a doubt made the eyes of the front row shine bright, the excitement was missing. Luckily, just when I started thinking this fashion sea breeze was getting a bit too peaceful, Ishman pushed me into the water and brought some Ariels into the setting introducing the audience to the colours of coral reefs and oddly charming head pieces.

Also the kingdom of animals were given respect in form of feather embellishment and a catwalk soundtrack that ended with the tunes of In the Jungle. Now if that won’t make you excited, then nothing will!

The designs of Ishman are told to be born to be on the red carpet, which I can confirm. Conclusion: if we’re not Lady Gagas, we should probably accept our wallets skinny as they are and be satisfied with admiring Ishman’s collections from afar. Sigh.

Hope you had a good time at the last expo of today, can’t wait to hear about it! I’ll start fuelling for the day two of our fashion marathon now and go eat the jelly beans gotten from the Ashley Ishman show. God bless the goodie bags!


PS. Just a word of warning: the bathrooms at the Fashion Week venues seem to be running out of toilet paper faster than the Pope says amen. ”Could someone pass the toilet paper?” echoed at the comfort stations with such a high frequency that I could suggest tucking a roll of your own into your bag tomorrow. Glamour is so passé anyway!

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