Monday, 20 September 2010

London Fashion Love Letters: "Emerge" by LABB magazine

Hi Perm!

Oh wow, the extravaganza of Charlie Mindu has made me speechless! And a little shocked – not sure if mommy would approve.

Tonight, I attended a Fashion Week event very much outside the big venues (shame, just when I learned how to find my way to Somerset and Victoria’s House). The event was called ”Emerge”, but because of its hidden location it took a while before the event actually emerged to me. After wandering around Old Street, I finally found my way to the basement of Hoxton Factory by using a strategy called Follow Anyone Who Looks Chic.

The location was worth of looking for, though. It seemed very underground, the sort of upcoming party place that only the coolest ones know about. The event was organized by LABB magazine to promote young talents of fashion. The basement was filled with design presentations, all very different from each other: there was a sound-reactive dress hanging from the ceiling, hand-made leather creations with heads of elephants, patriotic shoes and impressive gowns inspired by the history of fashion (or maybe just history of curtains, as the fabric had very curtain-like trimmings).

Sound-reactive dress by Rainbow Winters

Really sorry to hear about your not-so-fashionable fever. Hope you’re feeling better already – if not, at least you can scare people with bacteria to get more space to photograph. One sneeze, that’s all it takes!


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